Maksymenko Nataliia

Candidate of pedagogical sciences, Associate Professor of the Department oof Primary Education


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Since 1980 has been teaching in a higher school.

In 1995 defended her Ph.D. thesis «Correlation between didactic and methodical training of the primary school teacher in pedagogical institution» at the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University (thesis advisor – member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Bondar V.I.).

The sphere of scientific interests: didactics of higher school, methods of teaching humanitarian subjects at both institutions of higher education and primary school, innovative technologies of teaching Ukrainian language to junior pupils.

For the time of her work as anAssociate Professor has been directing Master’s theses and training future primary school techers for participation in research and practical conferences. Guids work of the scientific group «Didactic analysis of methodical system of primary school teacher’s work», trains students for the participation in the interuniversity nationwide competions.

Cooperates with school teachers in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk in order to establish two-way communication in the system of work «Institution of general secondary education – higher school» through the organization of students’ pedagogical practice, meetings with teachers, round tables, laboratory classes, review of methodical manuals.

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  1. Nataliia Maksymenko, Iryna Bei, Liliana Khimchuk, Yaroslav Vovchok (2020). Formation of Communicative Culture of Students by Means of Project Teaching in Higher Educational Establishments. Journal of History Culture and Art Research, Cilt 9, Sayı 3, 267-276. DOI: 10.7596/taksad.v9i3.2719 
  2. Maksymenko, N., Kilichenko, O., Khimchuk, L., Bei, I., & Vovchok, Y. (2021). Anti-innovation barriers in the professional activity of university lecturers in Ukraine and ways to overcome them: diagnostic aspect. Amazonia Investiga, 10(43), 219-233. 
  3. Ihor Bai, Nataliia Maksymenko, Nataliia Salyha. Systematic approach to the process of forming creative competence of future teachers. Current issues of humanitarian sciences: interuniversity collection of scientific works of young scientists of Drogobytsk State Pedagogical University named after I. Franko. 2021. 40, P.192-199. DOI
  4. MaksymenkoN.B., SalyhaN.M. Modeling pedagogical situations in the process of professional training of future lecturers of higher educational institutions. Scientific journal of the M.P. Drahomanov NPU. Series 5. Pedagogical sciences: realities and prospects. Issue 79, volume 1’2021. P. 183-186.
  5. MaksymenkoN., SalyhaN. Systematic approach to the process of forming professional image of future teachers in higher educational institutions. Pedagogical sciences: theory, history, innovative technologies. 2021. No. 4. P. 43-49.
  6. Barylo S.B., Maksymenko N.B. Ways of forming media competence of future primary school teachers. Scientific notes. Series: Pedagogical Sciences 2022. Issue 200. P. 48-53.
  7. Maksymenko Nataliia, Barylo Svitlana, Bai Ihor. Interdisciplinary integration as a means of developing cognitive activity of younger schoolchildren. The image of modern teacher. No. 3 (204), 2022. P.115-120. DOI:

Sections of monographs

Maksymenko N. Interactive learning as a means of developing general language abilities and skills of younger schoolchildren in literary reading lessons. Forming  language personality of a junior schoolchild: collective monograph /Za Nauk. ed. T. Kotyk. Ivano-Frankivsk: NAIR, 2018. P. 87-94.

Educational and methodical works

  1. Methodical recommendations for practical classes on the methodology of teaching Ukrainian language for students of the specialty «Elementary Education» / comp. N.B. Maksymenko. Ivano-Frankivsk: Vasyl Stefanyk Preсarpathian National University, 2017. 22 p.
  2. Maksymenko N.B. Methodical recommendations for lessons on educational subjects in New Ukrainian School. Linguistic and literary field of education: method. recommendations for pedagogical practice in primary school for students of «Primary Education» specialty at the «Bachelor’s» and «Master’s» educational levels. PP Boychuk A.B., 2019. P.16-21.
  3. Struk A.V., Maksymenko N.B. Studying subjects of the linguistic and literary field of education in the primary school of NUS. Educational and methodical manual. Ivano-Frankivsk: NAIR, 2021. 180 p.
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Teaching educational subjects:

Methods of teaching Ukrainian language.

Basics of forming communicative competence of a junior school student.

Forming media competence of primary school students.

Organization of project activity in the educational process of primary school.

Public activity:

Member of educational and methodical councils of Ivano-Frankivsk city schools: Lyceum No. 23 named after Roman Guryk and school No. 26 of Ivano-Frankivsk City Council.

Member of Expert Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science regarding giving an appropriate seal of the Ministry of Education and Science to academic and educational and methodical literature.

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Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University